Sunday, July 27, 2014

Preproduction Images from "Incredulous"

Live Action - Written and Directed by Rozlynn Waltz

Watch the Film (WIP)

This is the Final Cut but the VFX, Sound and Color isn't done.
I am currently working on post and I plan to be done by March.

Preproduction Images from "Incredulous":


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tricks to Make Characters Sound Unique and Different

First makes sure you know your characters and have made them different from each
other when you create them. 

Give them small obsessions or constant preoccupation's. Every person has them. Examples: constantly comparing oneself to others, an obsession about the pain in an old injury, a constant preoccupation with money or politics. 

Based on the occupations give them flaws. Flaws based on their perception of life. (a propensity to cuss, a propensity to hit on people when they shouldn't), And quirks. (they twitch all the time, they love super campy movies)

Assign basic rules to their dial.
How do they think while talking? Do they stutter? do they pause, do they ramble do they never stop to think? What filler words do they use? Um?

How do they say no? Do they cuss without hesitation? Do they beat around the bush until they are forced to be real? Do they say no easily but with a joke? do they say yes sarcastically?

How do they say yes?

How do they cuss and express negative emotions? 

Do they say what's on their mind or are they more aware of those around them?

Vocabulary and pet words. Is everything related to food? Is everything super intellectual? Is everything metaphorical? do they have a large vocabulary or a small one? Where do they get that vocabulary? The ghetto? A harvard library? TV sitcoms?

Feel: Do they over explain or do they never quite give enough info? Do they never complete thoughts? Are They a walking library? Do they only make emotional statements? Do they jump around?

Sentence structure: Do they state their point then try and justify it because they are insecure? Are they witty and concise or bumbling? Do they have short simple statements? Do they always use adverbs or do they never use adverbs? Do they have a preoccupation with a gender? Do they refer to everything in neuter? Do they phrase things in the past tense or future tense or present tense based on perception of time? Do they make declarative statements or do they phrase everything like a question?

How do they say Hi and good bye? How do they greet different types of people?

You can think of a number of other basic aspects of communication to assign rules for each character.

Aim to assign each character different rules. 

Only use the rules that actually help illuminate the voice of the character. If it gets in the way toss it. 

For more info read the digital release of this book: