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The Visionary Archetype

Corresponds with the Tiger in the chinese Zodiac.
Also known as: The Magician, catalyst, inventor, charismatic leader, shaman, healer, medicine man

Motto: I make things happen.
Core desire: understanding the fundamental laws of the universe
Goal: to make dreams come true, Transformation

Greatest fear: unintended negative consequences, Evil sorcery
Dragon/Problem: Transform it
Strategy: develop a vision and live by it
Response to Task: Align self with cosmos

Gift/ Virtue: Personal power, transformative, catalytic, healing power
Talent: finding win-win solutions

Weakness: becoming manipulative
Pitfalls: Manipulation of others, disconnection with reality, cultist guru-like
Addictive Quality: Dishonesty (image/illusion)
Addiction: Power/hallucinogenic drugs, marijuana, Escapes
Shadow Side: The evil sorcerer, transforming better into lesser options. We engage in such evil sorcery anytime we belittle ourselves or another, or lessen options and possibilities, resulting in diminished self-esteem. The shadow Magician is also the part of us capable of making ourselves and others ill through negative thoughts and actions.

The Visionary on
The Magician archetype searches out the fundamental laws of science and/or metaphysics to understand how to transform situations, influence people, and make visions into realities. If the Magician can overcome the temptation to use power manipulatively, it galvanizes energies for good. The Magician's quest is not to 'do magic' but to transform or change something or someone in some way. The Magician has significant power and as such may be feared. They may also fear themselves and their potential to do harm. Perhaps their ultimate goal is to transform themselves, achieving a higher plane of existence.

Magician organizations often are very successful serving as catalysts for change; turning problems into opportunities; reframing difficulties; empowering people, teams, and networks; and creating flexible, win/win solutions for all involved in a situation.

Magician individuals are most fulfilled when they can see a vision realized. Naturally intuitive, insightful, and inspiring, they’re able to perceive and appreciate multiple perspectives and motivate others to believe that anything is possible. They’re usually excited and challenged in times of great transformation and turmoil.

Magician types need to ensure they don’t use power manipulatively, don’t expect miracles to save them when things get rough, and lose patience with those who aren’t as visionary as they are.

Subtypes include:
Catalyst/change agent : Sees opportunities for change or provides impetus for innovative transformation
Envisioner : Sees possibilities and develops a clear vision of the future
Healer : Effects individual or group healing
Intuitive : Uses synchronicities/hunches/serendipity to set a course
Wizard: Has a talent for unexpected, serendipitous results

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This Archetype has a propensity towards EFP (ESFP, ISFP, ENFP, INFPmore info

The Magician could be the right identity for your brand if:
the product or service is transformative
its implicit promise is to transform customers
it has a new-age quality
it is consciousness-expanding
it is user-friendly
has spiritual connotations
it is a very new, contemporary product
it is medium- to high-priced

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