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The Sage Archetype

Corresponds with the Snake in the chinese Zodiac.
Also known as: The expert, scholar, detective, advisor, thinker, philosopher, academic, researcher, thinker, planner, professional, mentor, teacher, contemplative.

Motto: The truth will set you free
Core desire: to find the truth.
Goal: to use intelligence and analysis to understand the world, Truth

Biggest fear: being duped, misled—or ignorance.
Response to Task: Attain enlightenment
Dragon/Problem: Transcend it
Strategy: seeking out information and knowledge; self-reflection and understanding thought processes.

Gift/ Virtue: Wisdom, nonattachment, knowledge, skepticism
Talent: wisdom, intelligence.

Weakness: can study details forever and never act.
Pitfalls: Being overly critical, pomposity, impracticality, lacking of feeling/empathy
Addictive Quality: Judgmentalism
Addiction: Being right/tranquilizers
Shadow Side: The unfeeling judge—cold, rational, heartless, dogmatic, often pompous—evaluating us or others and saying we (or they) are not good enough or are not doing it right.

The Sage on
The Sage archetype seeks the truths that will set us free. Especially if the Sage overcomes the temptation of dogma, it can help us become wise, to see the world and ourselves objectively, and to course-correct based on objective analyses of the results of our actions and choices. The Sage is a seeker after truth and enlightenment and journeys far in search of the next golden nugget of knowledge. The danger for the sage and their deep fear is that their hard-won wisdom is built on the sand of falsehood. Their best hope is that they play from a position of objective honesty and learn to see with a clarity that knows truth and untruth.

Sage individuals are most fulfilled by finding the answers to great questions. Naturally intelligent, knowledgeable, and reflective, they demonstrate the value of thinking things through and motivate others to seek the truth. They’re usually excited and challenged by situations and problems that need to be better understood.

Sage organizations often are very successful at developing significant expertise; gathering and analyzing information so that it’s useful to others; and contributing knowledge to almost any situation.

Sage types need to be wary of ivory tower thinking, dogmatism, and coming across as lacking feeling/empathy.

Subtypes include:

Expert/guru : Develops own knowledge and expertise to the highest level
Philosopher/contemplative : Uses deep thinking to seek and create clarity
Mentor/teacher : Shares wisdom with the world
Investigator : Researches and gathers information
Analyst : Thinks things through and synthesizes learning

More Subtypes on

This Archetype has a propensity towards INT (ENTJ, INTJ, ENTP, INTPmore info

The Sage would be a good identity for brands:
that provide expertise or information to customers
that encourage customers to think
that are based on new scientific findings or esoteric knowledge
that are supported by research-based facts
want to differentiate themselves from others whose quality or performance is suspect

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