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The Ruler Archetype

The Ruler Archetype
Corresponds with the Dog in the chinese Zodiac.
Also known as: The boss, leader, aristocrat, king, queen, politician, role model, manager or administrator

Motto: Power isn't everything, it's the only thing.
Core desire: control
Goal: create a prosperous, successful family or community, Order

Strategy: exercise power
Greatest fear: chaos, being overthrown
Dragon/Problem: Find its constructive uses
Response to Task: Take full responsibility for your life

Gift/ Virtue: Responsibility, control, sovereignty, system savvy
Talent: responsibility, leadership

Weakness: being authoritarian, unable to delegate
Pitfalls: Rigidity, controlling behaviors, attitude of entitlement, elitism
Addictive Quality: High control needs
Addiction: Control/codependence
Shadow Side: The ogre tyrant, insisting on his or her own way and banishing creative elements of the kingdom (or the psyche) to gain control at any price. This is the King or Queen who indulges in self-righteous rages and yells, “Off with his head.” Often people act this way when they are in positions of authority (like parenting) but do not yet know how to handle the attendant responsibility. This also includes people who are motivated by a strong sense to control.

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The Ruler archetype inspires us to take responsibility for our own lives, in our fields of endeavor, and in the society at large. If he/she overcomes the temptation to dominate others, the developed Ruler creates environments that invite in the gifts and perspectives of all concerned. The Ruler's quest is to create order and structure and hence an effective society in which the subjects of the Ruler can live productive and relatively happy lives. This is not necessarily an easy task, as order and chaos are not far apart, and the Ruler has to commit him or herself fully to the task. The buck stops with them and they must thus be wholly responsible -- for which they need ultimate authority.

Ruler individuals are most fulfilled when they can demonstrate leadership, orchestrate complex situations, and/or use their influence to make things work better. Naturally confident, competent, and responsible, they enjoy demonstrating their savvy and motivating others to maintain high standards. They’re usually excited and challenged by opportunities to take charge of a situation.

Ruler organizations often are most successful when they can make decisions that benefit others, use power to create positive outcomes, and make order out of chaos.

Ruler types need to be careful about dominating others, getting bogged down in policies and procedures, and becoming overly hierarchical or political.

Subtypes include:
Leader : Takes charge of people/situations; takes responsibility for the
good of others
Powerbroker : Uses power/influence to get things done
Conductor/orchestrator : Directs complex systems/processes/structures
and/or creates order
Role model : Sets standards for others to follow
Peacemaker : Finds common ground among disparate individuals and/or groups

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This Archetype has a propensity towards ESJ (ESTJ, ISTJ, ESFJ, ISFJmore info

The Ruler may be right for your brand identity if:
it is a high-status product used by powerful people to enhance their power
it makes people more organized
it offers a lifetime guarantee
it empowers people to maintain or enhances their grip on power
it has a regulatory or protective function
is moderately to high priced
you want to differentiate it from more populist brands or one that is a clear leader in the field
it is a market leader that offers a sense of security and stability in a chaotic world

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