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The Revolutionary Archetype

Corresponds with the Dragon in the chinese Zodiac. 
Also known as: The rebel, the outlaw, wild man, the misfit, or iconoclast, the destroyer

Motto: Rules are made to be broken
Core desire: revenge or revolution
Goal: to overturn what isn't working, Metamorphosis

Greatest fear: to be powerless or ineffectual, Annihilation
Strategy: disrupt, destroy, or shock
Problem: Allow dragon to slay it
Response to Task: Let go

Gift/ Virtue: Humility, metamorphosis, revolution, capacity to let go
Talent: outrageousness, radical freedom

Weakness: crossing over to the dark side, crime
Pitfalls: Doing harm to self/others, out of control anger, terrorist tactics
Addictive Quality: Self-destructiveness
Addiction: Suicide/self-destructive habits
Shadow Side:Includes all self-destructive behaviors—addictions, compulsions, or activities that undermine intimacy, career success, or self-esteem—and all behaviors—such as emotional or physical abuse, murder, rape—that have destructive effects on others.

The Rebel on
The Revolutionary embodies repressed rage about structures that no longer serve life even when these structures still are supported by society or by our conscious choices. Although this archetype can be ruthless, it weeds the garden in ways that allow for new growth. The Revolutionary is a paradoxical character whose destructiveness reflects the death drive and an inner fear of annihilation. As a fighter, they are thus careless of their own safety and may put others in danger too. Their quest is to change, to let go of their anger or whatever force drives them and return to balance, finding the life drive that will sustain them. Living on the cusp of life and death, they are often surprisingly humble.

Revolutionary individuals are most fulfilled when they can change something that they feel needs to be changed. Often unconventional thinkers who can develop new, cutting-edge approaches, they enjoy challenging the status quo and motivating others to think differently. They’re usually excited and challenged when they can take on tried-and-true methods or ways.

Revolutionary organizations often are very successful at developing truly radical ideas, products, and services; leading reform of all kinds; and/or serving as the contrarian voice in debates.

Revolutionary types need to be careful about coming across as reckless, shaking things up endlessly/needlessly, and becoming stubbornly oppositional.

Subtypes include:
Troubleshooter : Sees problems/drawbacks/defects in current ways of doing
things and determines how to improve them
Radical/rebel : Lives/thinks outside the bounds of conventions and/or akes action
or risk without waiting for others to agree/catch up
Challenger/contrarian : Questions the tried and true; presents opposing
points of view
Populist : Believes in the premise of giving “power to the people”
Game-changer : Initiates radical innovations that change the rules of the game
or the realities of the marketplace

More Subtypes on

This Archetype has a propensity towards ENP (ENTP, INTP, ENFP, INFPmore info

The Outlaw may strengthen your brand's identity if it:
has customers or employees who feel disenfranchised from society
helps retain values that are threatened by emerging ones, or paves the way for revolutionary new attitudes
is low to moderately priced
breaks with industry conventions

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