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The 12 Heartbeats

Created by Rozlynn Waltz.
This is a chart I made to visualize patterns I have observed.

Reading this Diagram
The numbers in this diagram are rough.

The Chinese Zodiac Year goes from about February to January so if you were born late January to early February check here to figure out your year. 

If you are near the edge of where two months meet also check here to see what your your specific month heartbeat is.

If you were born more than 3 weeks premature round up to when you were supposed to be born to determine your month. Though you may have attributes of both months.

Ask your mom if you don't know what hour you were born. -_0
Use the time zone of your birth location.

What are the Heartbeats?
To start let me explain how I discovered this. I was looking for a book to help me create better characters in my writing and I picked up The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes. Not only did it help my writing I noticed that the observations of the patterns of human temperament and preference were remarkably accurate for those born at certain times and dates. The more "data" I've collected the more I've seen this. I have however noticed some times when this is not the case but I'll go into it later on.

The Zodiac
While they both have many complicated calculations, basically speaking the Western Zodiac only considers the month and the chinese Zodiac considers the Year, Month and hour of birth. The Chinese Zodiac basically says that you are given a set of different attributes that all blend in a unique way within yourself to create a unique personality. That personality is then affected by environment and this creates all the complicated variation of human personality.

My Take on it
I started by observing that the Chinese Zodiac is on to something but I didn't stop there. The "12 Heartbeats" is what I've discovered digging deeper into the issue and taking in both Western and Eastern thinking.

While the Zodiac states that one is controlled by ones birth time, I have to disagree. Just like how a clock tells you what time it is but does not actually control time, so too ones time of birth is a way to read the patterns but it does not necessarily dictate the patterns of human temperament.

Because the time one is born is an indicator and not the control I have noticed times when a person's exact birth time doesn't fully align with the attributes they display.

In general I have noticed any case where the time is near the intersection of two heartbeats the person seems to be affected by both heartbeats. I think this is because it's more like a continual spectrum instead of a hard line. Also in general heartbeats next to each other have a lot of attributes in common.

I have noticed that people almost always display the attributes of their year heartbeat. Though those born near the Chinese new year sometimes display the attributes of both years so it can get complicated there. If you are born near late January to early February, you'll want to double check here.

People usually display the attributes of their month heartbeat. Where is get's complicated is when people are born premature or when people are born near the edge of where two months meet. So double check HERE if that is the case.
    As for premature birth. I think what actually matters is the hour one is conceived but because we can't be certain of that we can only go by the month we are born. There are a couple of cases where I have noticed people born say two months premature do not display the attributes of their birth month, but if one looks at the month they should have been born it fits much better. I have not been able to really look close at this but it seems to work to use both the actual birth month and the month that the person should have been born.

I don't fully understand this aspect of the heartbeats but people usually seem to display the attributes of their hour wither they were born naturally or not. I still need to look into this more and it's hard because people don't always know the hour they are born.

What are the Heartbeats?
Heart beats are more than personality types. They are more like different life energies. They are the core passions that drive us. I call them the heart beats of God. We are given 3 to start with when we are born. As we Grow and get to know God more and absorb the heartbeats that other people have we become more complete and balanced but we still stay true to the 3 that we are given.
    Really if we were given more than 3 it would be too much. As is having just the three can cause enough inner conflict when the heartbeats disagree on this or that -_0.
    An example: I know of a couple of people who have the Red heart beat and the Cyan Heartbeat. The Red values saving money and the Cyan values living in the moment and not thinking so much about material possessions. The combination makes for a person often in a dilemma about wither or not to spend money.
    Sometimes our heartbeats get along and sometimes they disagree but both is good for us, especially when we have heartbeats that are different, it makes us naturally more rounded.

Propensity vs Dictation
I really want to emphasis that the heartbeats are not boxes they are energies. Instead of dictating what a person will be they are instead observable patterns that indicate likely preferences and propensities towards certain traits. A person may be predisposed to certain traits but their environment and choices will determine what attributes they actually display.

What's cool about the heartbeats is that they actually look deep below the surface and unearth the deepest drives that people have, Passions that are often buried beneath the pressures of environment. 

Why Colors?
I felt the colors represented the heartbeats better than the zodiac animals. Mainly because it better conveys the idea that the heartbeats are more of a spectrum instead of isolated boxes. There are also many cool correlations between the Colors and the heartbeats.

The 4 Triangles of Affinity
There are 4 triangles of affinity that the heartbeats fall into. Those in the same triangle have similar attributes to each other, get along but are each unique expressions of the triangle.

Power and Progress
Colors: Red, Blue and Green (the subtractive primary colors)
These three heartbeats are all Doers. They all prize resources, power and ability and are progress oriented. They all get along because they like to get things done and make a practical change. These heartbeats especially value any resources (people, money and material sources) that allow them to reach their goals. All the heartbeats in this triangle have a propensity towards Extroversion.

Logic and Structure
Colors: Crimson, Azure, and Chartreuse (tertiary colors)
These heartbeats are all Thinkers. They prize analysis, logical structures, abstract reasoning and the ability to create order.  All the heartbeats in this triangle have a propensity towards Introversion.

People and Connection
Colors: Magenta, Cyan, and yellow (the additive primary colors)
These heartbeats are all Social. They all value people and humanity above all else. They live to experience people and make connections. All the heartbeats in this triangle have a propensity towards Extroversion.

Emotion and Art
Colors: Violet, Teal and Orange (tertiary colors)
These heartbeats are all Feelers. They are all artistic in some way and love to experience the finer things in life. All the heartbeats in this triangle have a propensity towards Introversion.

The Directions of the Compass
You'll notice in the chart that the heartbeats have directions. The directions have certian attributes that all the heartbeats near a point of the compass share.

Norther heartbeats tend to think more of the future and past instead of living in the present. Planning for the future and experiences in the past have more importance for northern heartbeats. As such they value industry and working hard for the future even if it means sacrificing in the present. They tend to hold onto the past more readily too because they value learning from the past. As such they tend to value tradition more than other heartbeats.

Southern heartbeats are more in the moment. They tend to let go of the past easier and don't worry to much about the future. For them the present moment is the full reality. As such they are able to cut lose and enjoy the moment but can fall short when it comes to planning and saving for the future. But even if they make mistakes they tend to let go of them easier than others.

Eastern heartbeats tend to value the spiritual side of things more than that the materialistic side. For them intuition is a reliable guide through life and the abstract and immaterial has more weight than others. They often have to learn to value and rely on their five senses as well.

Western heartbeats value their five senses and what they can have and experience with them more than immaterial ideas.

The Personalities of the 12 Heartbeats
If you want to know the attributes of your heartbeats you can just look up their corresponding Chinese zodiac animals. There are many good websites for that.

The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes is in my opinion the best resource because it just observes the personality traits.

I'll get to writing more of this later:
Values/Passions: Money and Resources. Family, creativity, projects
Healthy Side:
Unhealthy Side:
Propensities: Extroversion, Intuition and Judging

Propensities: Introversion, Thinking, and Judging

Propensities: Extroversion, Feeling and Perceiving

Propensities: Introversion, Intuition and Feeling

Propensities: Extroversion

Propensities: Introversion

Propensities: Extroversion

Propensities: Introversion

Propensities: Extroversion

Propensities: Introversion

Propensities: Extroversion

Propensities: Introversion

correspondence of the myers brig and the heartbeats

teaching - time - wood
pastor - touch - fire
apostle - service - earth/metal
prophetic - words - air
connector - gifts - water

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