Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gift Art for a Friend

I got this image for a friend while I was praying Friday night at my churches bi-monthly night watch.

The image I got was of comfort, safety and "warm fuzzy squishyness" in the arms of Jesus.

I depict Jesus more how I feel his is in the moment not by his stereotypical image. Often more like how he would be walking about today.

I realize for these drawings I often get the image of hugging. I think that it is because hugging is such a close and safe expression of intimacy.

Drawing Practice 3

Continuing to build my visual vocabulary by drawing from images. I've been drawing at a coffee shop at lunch. Working on a flat TV Show I miss real drawing. >_<

 Practicing Vests and silhouettes. 
Old Motorcycles are awesome.
Trying to draw again the image from before.
More Steampunk.
This is more from my own head.
The top stuff is from my head the lower images are roughly from images.

The following is from my smaller Sketchbook and many of the images predate the above.
 I drew this the day I went to serve Jury Duty (they ended up not needing me.) I feel I did well capturing the scale of the trees to the guy though in actuality the trees were even bigger.
 Just people at church.
 My first attempt at drawing my cat in a new way.
 Tried again.
 This one I was losser and I like this one the best.
 A speaker at church.
 More doodles of the speaker.
 More randomness.
Actually roughing out a character from a short story I wrote.